Clubs express concern about European third tier competition LONDON (Reuters) - Some clubs have expressed concern about the viability of a new European competition, known as Europa League 2, which will start in 2021, the head of the European Leagues umbrella group said on Friday.
Reuters 19/10/2019
Lampard tells European soccer chiefs: keep current CL format LONDON (AP) — Champions League winner Frank Lampard was deployed by the Premier League on Thursday as part of the mission to prevent a radical change to the format of European competitions.
AP News 18/10/2019
Klopp doesn't like idea of Super League and "playing Real Madrid 10 years in a row"

Talk of a European Super League persists, but Jurgen Klopp is one football figure who thinks it would be a bad idea.

AS 26/08/2019
Project to reform the Champions League: the silent majority makes itself heard Nearly 250 clubs, 20 of them French, met in Madrid to oppose the project to reform the Champions League desired by the “bigwigs” in European football.
L’Equipe 26/08/2019
"UEFA must re-examine its original plan": Quillot is stepping into the breach against possible reform of C1 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE - "If the information which we have received to date is founded, UEFA must re-examine its original plan" and find "a consensus", warned the CEO of the French Football League (LFP) Didier Quillot, on Tuesday in Madrid after a meeting on the controversial reform of the Champions League.
Eurosport 26/08/2019
Javier Tebas, on the creation of a European Super League: "I don't believe that" European Football Leagues have asked to be included in decision-making when it comes to the reform of continental competitions and have rejected the proposal made by the European Club Association (ECA) to UEFA to change the current format from 2024 which, amongst other changes, includes a closed league with promotion and relegation rules and with matches at weekends.
Cadena Ser 23/08/2019
Javier Tebas: "The reform of the Champions League must stop" "We must change the standards by which decisions are made in European football. Football is an industry which has changed and Leagues must be listened to", he said.
AS 23/08/2019
Javier Tebas, halfway between "Robin Hood" and a "genius": Italy divided by Super Champions League The President of Torino F.C., Urbano Cairo, really praised the President of La Liga, whilst De Laurentiis was more critical. Both reject Agnelli’s Super Champions League.
AS 23/08/2019
European Leagues united against proposed Champions League changes European domestic leagues put up a united front ahead of Wednesday's meeting with UEFA to discuss proposed changes to the Champions League.
ESPN 23/08/2019
More European clubs oppose plan to overhaul Champions League Teams from France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland have added their voices to concerns
AS 07/06/2019
Football chiefs hit out at Uefa’s Champions League restructure plan
Heads of Premier League, La Liga and Bundesliga fear top clubs would become richer at expense of domestic leagues
Financial Times 21/05/2019

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