Chelsea's Lampard sees no need for more European games LONDON (Reuters) - Chelsea manager Frank Lampard sees no need for more European club matches, he said on Thursday, as discussions continued over the future of UEFA competitions.
Reuters 24/10/2019
European Leagues tired of breakaway threats from big clubs ZURICH (Reuters) - The umbrella organisation representing Europe’s domestic leagues is tired of breakaway threats, it said on Tuesday in response to a proposal to create a two-division world soccer league.
Reuters 10/12/2019
Spanish league head takes on FIFA over expanding club event

LONDON (AP) — FIFA’s determination to have a bigger role in club football worldwide is troubling the head of the Spanish league.

Javier Tebas, president of La Liga, fears FIFA expanding the Club World Cup and providing a fresh windfall for a group of elite clubs will exacerbate financial disparities between teams and harm football.

AP News 20/01/2020
The European Leagues promotes the enhancement of competitive balance in professional football The European Leagues, association which defends the interest of 32 professionnal football leagues in Europe, rejects categorically the idea of the creation of a European Super League. Alberto Colombo, Deputy General Secretary of the European Leagues, detailed for the views of the organization.
Ecofoot 21/01/2020
Statement from European Leagues President We do not need any Ivory Tower in football! (Nyon 10 December 2019) 2019 has been a year full of discussions around the future of professional club competitions, in Europe and elsewhere. The latest contribution has been the establishment of a world club association and the idea of building a private worldwide league. We are getting very tired of all the threats coming from a few rich clubs in football. Threats that they are going to break away from the football ecosystem as we know it and create their own private environment.
European Leagues 10/12/2019
Top clubs suffer blow in bid to increase number of Champions League matches Aims by Europe’s top clubs to radically increase the number of Champions League matches have suffered a serious blow after the 55 national associations came out in opposition to major changes.
The Times 17/12/2019
European soccer is crumbling behind UEFA's Champions League facade At the southeast end of Slavia Sofia's ground, mature trees have burst through the foundations, dislodged seats, and stretched high above the empty stand. Nearby picnic benches are reduced to splinters and shards of metal. Behind the goal where Cherno More scored a spectacular 91st-minute winner in November were piles of sand, two parked hatchbacks, and a digger. Dirt and puddles buried what was presumably a running track lapping the pitch.
theScore 19/02/2020
Olsson says ‘no decision’ on Champions League format imminent No final decision on the format to revamp the Champions League post-2024 will be taken for at least a year but a closed shop competition is a “no go” area, according to the head of the umbrella body representing Europe’s major leagues.
Inside World Football 24/10/2019
Clubs express concern about European third tier competition LONDON (Reuters) - Some clubs have expressed concern about the viability of a new European competition, known as Europa League 2, which will start in 2021, the head of the European Leagues umbrella group said on Friday.
Reuters 19/10/2019
Lampard tells European soccer chiefs: keep current CL format LONDON (AP) — Champions League winner Frank Lampard was deployed by the Premier League on Thursday as part of the mission to prevent a radical change to the format of European competitions.
AP News 18/10/2019
Klopp doesn't like idea of Super League and "playing Real Madrid 10 years in a row"

Talk of a European Super League persists, but Jurgen Klopp is one football figure who thinks it would be a bad idea.

AS 26/08/2019
Project to reform the Champions League: the silent majority makes itself heard Nearly 250 clubs, 20 of them French, met in Madrid to oppose the project to reform the Champions League desired by the “bigwigs” in European football.
L’Equipe 26/08/2019

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