This project aims to inform, educate and engage all the football stakeholders such as fans, clubs, players, domestic leagues, national associations, press & media, broadcasters & other commercial partners about the role of domestic leagues as the lifeblood of the game and the opportunities presented by UEFA Club Competitions (UCC) reform from 2024 onwards.
WE ARE The voice of professional football leagues across Europe.

Every weekend we deliver more then 450 club football matches to fans and the wider football community to support their enjoiment af and passion for their favourite football team in their favourite competition.


Our goal is to enhance and protect competitive balance in professional league competitions for the good of the game, the players, the fans and the clubs.


We believe that all our clubs, not just a few, must have the possibility to complete at the highest levels.

We have the responsibly to keep that dream and ambition alive on behalf of the clubs and fans alike.


The implementation of Good Governance principles in football to preserveand anhance the reputation of our sport.

The essence of Sporting Merit and sporting ability as he eciding factor in winning or losing, where unpredictable outcomes are possible, where the excitement and passion for the fans lies in the possibility their side could triumph.

The principle of Solidarity, a financially sustainable enviroenment with a more equitable sharing of financial resources as an essential tool to open up the elite competitions to a maximum number of associations and clubs which in turn boost the development of the game at grassroots and youth levels.