CONCLUSIONS online CAP Meeting 10 March 2021 [NEW]

CONCLUSIONS CAP Meeting London 17 October 2019

  • Domestic competition is most important for clubs.
  • Clubs stressed that UEFA Club Competitions must be open competitions. That means qualification must be based on domestic results. Any closed competition model would be a giant killer factor for clubs. Keep the dream alive for clubs is key.
  • UEFA competitions revenues have a serious effect on domestic competitions of any country and size, big and small.
  • Clubs raised common concern about the growing gap in competitive balance.
  • The whole football ecosystem needs a fairer financial distribution even for the new recently introduced third-tier competition.
  • European football must be based on organic growth and must benefit all clubs in Europe and not solely those participating regularly in UCC.
  • The key to developing football is distributing the money in a fair and balanced way.
  • Solidarity is a key principle and is very important for the development of the medium and small clubs across Europe.
  • All stakeholders must be actively involved in the process for reforming European Club Competitions.